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An example in Dissidence

A safe haven for alternative thinkers and freedom fighters. Most of the anti Union activity comes from there.

Little Backstory Edit

It’s one of the first independent stations from before the Terran Revolution. It has been created by outgrowing the Beauvoir, a freedom fighters’ ship from which it’s tribulation was unfairly accused of murder and mutiny. Their escape throughout the Solar System raised awareness to the general public to the fact that another life is possible out there. A life of freedom, if one was ready by then to withstand the living conditions in space. Once whitewashed none of them wanted to return to Earth. By hacking the enzymic structure to their need they were able to outgrow the ship into a much larger space station. It’s distance to Earth's orbit is in direct relation to the Union’s influence reach.

Libertarian Principles Edit

Today more than 50 million people live on the station with no official governmental structure. Decisions are taken by the group when needed most of the time only between the interested parties. All take the responsibility to look for the best solution for all. Very rarely voting happen because most of the time mediation is open until a consensus is found. Even so, most of the decisions are not final and can be put back on the discussion table.

The responsibility of each person towards themselves and towards the community is the highest assets of an inhabitant of Sor Station although one extreme would advocate more for a spontaneous mutual aid the other seek total individual sovereignty. The family clan system is based on family of thoughts, thoughts siblings / instead of soul mates because of its religious connotation /. People who share the same values and points of view decide to live together and organise their life in common.

Alternative Thinking Beacon Edit

Since the tribulation of the Rascal re-baptised their ship to the Beauvoir they have been in the spotlight of the general public. When those outcasts decided not to come back to Earth even when they could the establishment was pointing at them being sure the enterprise would fail.

History tells us that the by then establishment has been wiped out by the Terran Revolution. After the Terran Revolution, the Union was pushing Sor Station to join them into their new world order based on universal well-being and sustainability.

The answer of the clans of Sor Station was simple. By nature, they can not be part of anything as they are nothing. / they were referring to any form of government / Today, more than ever, Sor Station is a symbol of freedom and anti-establishment. The Grid is submerged by books from thinkers on the station. Their art has a Solar renown and every adventurous student wants to finish there.

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