The Fastlane Network is a network of destinations revolving around the Sun at same rate and in the same direction as Earth, making that those distances have always fixed travel times.

The Grid is the nervous system of the Fast Lane Network. It’s where the data flows.

The Transboarding Hubs are colossal space stations spread over the Solar System that are the spine of the Fastlane Network. They’re planned to be as many as letters in the Greek alphabet. The Alpha Transboarding Hub with it’s millions of inhabitants has more people than Luna.

Traveling on the Fastlane Network does not need any computational power because the data is pre-compiled at its Hubs and send all over the Network. The information flow between the Hubs is almost lag free.

Traveling outside the Fastlane Network requires on the top of the computational power also gun power. Because of the vastness of the Solar System security forces can not guarantee safe travel out there. Connecting to the Grid out of the Network need relay points, how more relay points how slower the connection. Out of fear of being assaulted often ships only let data/comms in.

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