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Emblem of the Union of Sovereignties

The Union of Sovereignties [US] is composed of the UNE / United Nations of Earth/, Luna, Mars, Alpha, Beta and Gamma Transboarding Hubs and most space stations and settlements around Earth’s and Mars’ orbit. It is composed of a group of nations, corporations, clans and communities all sharing a common vision of universal well-being and sustainability. The Union is bearing Earth’s legacy and has the self-imposed mission to watch over humanity. Although it is composed of a myriad of types of entities they all work the same way. A way that came directly from the Terran Revolution. For the “good of all”, it is imposing this way / the Way of the Union / to all its inhabitants. All those who do not agree with the Way of the Union are free to leave the Union for another part of the Solar System.

The Way of the Union

Participative Direct and Indirect Democracy.

After having fought to have a direct say in their governments people are not ready to let it give it away to a representative democracy. Too many examples in the past where it did not work, or better said, only worked for a few. Thanks to the omnipresence of technological devices, as the wearable, today everyone can take part of the discussions and decision making of their communities and to some extent to their central governments. The tech also let them, at all moments to practice their duty on controlling their governing instances.

Universal Well-Being

We live in a post-scarcity society. Basic needs are provided by the community. People do not need to work. They work out of self-fulfilment. This makes that leaders need to be more charismatic than authoritarian.

Lifelong Learning

The education is mandatory until the 28. Biggest attention is given to make passionate citizens. They’re also formed to be highly motivated and to work with passion in something they find fulfilling. A special attention is given to the concept of greater good and in particular in humanity’s expansion throughout the Solar System.

Social Recognition as the most important Value

Material wealth is something of past centuries, today recognition comes through what one does for its community.

Elevation of Humanity into a Stellar Species

Earth is too small for humanity. Today humanity needs to settle all over the Solar System and beyond.

Preservation of Earth

Earth, the crib of humanity, must be preserved and can not live anymore an over-populated and destructive human era.


All must be preserved and respected. Everywhere humanity goes there may be no spoiling.

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