Humanity just got out of one of its bloodiest moments of its history. Heavy fights between governments, popular movements and corporations ravaged Earth. What started as a riots in Johannesburg finished in what later we will call the Terran Revolution, a war who burned for good all reminder of the patriarchal elitocracy that ruled Earth since the Industrial Revolution.

This was at the very start of human expansion through the Solar System. Sustainability, mainly ecological thanks to the enzymic structures was already on its way. The midas device made space travel accessible for all and a few years later it was possible to grow its own space community.

Long term visions  clashed and lead to this total war.

The Old, the patriarchal oligarchy had big interests in reproducing their power structures in space. The New, popular movements backed by a new breed of civically engaged corporations, opposed to this plan. They wanted open the space to all, as to have an open society based on universal well-being and sustainability.

The war inflamed the world. The Old lost everything in the fight and the New grew stronger. Now a new world order is established, thanks to technology all can participate to the government, creating a society where no one have to fight for their basic need needs. An egalitarian society based on critical thinking, universal well-being and sustainability.

Today we’re at the dawn of human expansion through the Solar System.

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